NCQA-PCMH: Pediatric Practice Training Series (Session 1)

Date:  September 14, 2010
Time:  8:15pm - 9:30pm

Call-in number: 888-244-2521
Passcode: 7170984
Ask for: NCQA-PCMH Pediatric Practice Training Series

Speakers: Auren Weinberg, MD, FAAP and Tracy Pavel, LPN (Lower Bucks Pediatrics)

Standards Covered During Session 1:
Standard 1: Access and Communication
Standard 2: Patient Tracking/Registry Functions
Standard 3: Care Management


Handout: Session 1 Outline
Outline of items to be covered during Session 1. (DOC)

Handout: PPC-PCMH Record Review Workbook
Workbook for record review. (XLS)

Handout: PPC-PCMH Data Sources
Data sources. (PDF)

Handout: Standards and Guidelines for the PPC-PCMH 2 Final Apr01
For Session 1: PPC 1-3 on pages 34 through 52. 84 pages total. (PDF)

Background: NCQA-PCMH Companion Guide
Background information: companion guide. 32 pages. (PDF)

Background: Obtaining NCQA-PCMH Recognition
Background information: a How To Manual. 68 pages. (PDF)

Background: Planned Evolution of NCQA-PCMH Requirements
Background information. (PDF)

Background: Draft NCQA-PCMH 2011 Standards
Background information: elements and standards. (PDF)

Background: NCQA-PCMH Starting Tips
Background information: starting tips from Dr. Sarah Macdonald. (PDF)

Website: NCQA
For information and a pricing fee schedule for the NCQA-PCMH application. (URL)

Audio File: Session 1
Listen to the audio file from the teleconference. Large file, over 8 MB. (MP3)



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