May 24 2019 2:49 PM Deborah Moss, MD, MPH, FAAP

Dr. Moss President's Message

I set an alert on my phone to remind me every Thursday at 4:30 PM when I'm precepting residents in their continuity clinic to stop what we're doing for 3 minutes and go around the room so each can share one thing they learned that afternoon.

In that spirit, here's a snippet of just a few things I learned at our chapter's 1st annual statewide CME conference over the May 4-5th weekend:

  • 3 reasons to do an x-ray for knee pain: effusion, can't bear weight, point tenderness and "Don't forget about Lyme!" (Bill Hennrikus)
  • Counseling kids and parents about managing screen time starts with the recognition that screen use is a skill that needs to be learned and a privilege to be earned. (Stephon Proctor)
  • In a whirlwind talk about the origin and current state of the opioid crisis and all that PA is doing to address it, Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine emphasized the role of pediatricians in assisting with developing plans of safe care for babies with NAS, linking families to the growing number of resources as part of the Ready to Start - Birth to 3 programs, talking to families about getting rid of unused medications (Find Drug Take-Back Locations), and being aware of the Hotline for anyone who you may be concerned about - 1-800-662-4347.
  • The 20% rule - that evidence shows that spending 20% of your time doing something you're passionate about protects against burn-out. (Barbara Ostrov)
  • As kids grow in the early years, so do their eyeballs. Excess 'near-work' can lead to eyeballs that are too long, pre-disposing to myopia; outdoor activity has a strong protective effect on the development of myopia. So here's yet another reason to get kids off the couch, away from screens, and getting outside to play! (Kanwal Nischal)

 ...and there was much more: advocating for children (Daniel Taylor); marijuana as medicine (Sheryl Ryan); value-based payment models (Sue Kressly); health impacts of fracking (Ned Ketyer); puzzling cases (Catherine Soprano); disaster preparedness (Allison Horowitz); genetics/precision medicine (Cara Skraban); lyme disease (Jennifer Vodzak); and adolescent depression (Abby Schlesinger).

Probably what I learned most was the riches of pediatric resources we have here in PA!! ---from our members to our expert speakers to our Chapter Programs and liaisons to national AAP committees, sections and councils. Go PA! 

Looking forward to next year's Annual Pediatric Conference -  so stay tuned for confirmed location and dates (hopefully March 26-28 in Gettysburg).

As always, don't hesitate to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Annette at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any feedback about the conference, or for any questions, comments or ideas.  

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