Sample HPV Facebook Posts

A series of intro texts, most with accompanying links, images, or videos, that providers and practices can use or adapt for posts on their Facebook pages.

* NOTE: In some cases (e.g, #5 & #21), the intro texts may seems short or somewhat lacking in context. That’s because they’re designed to play off the title of the link, which will appear both on the practice Facebook page and the parents’/caregivers’ Facebook news feed. In these cases, the intro text and link title work together to have the desired effect.


The HPV Vaccine protects against cancers of the head and neck too. This page from the Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins explains the connection.



In this short, informative video, Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and one of the nation’s leading experts on vaccines, explains both the power and safety of the HPV Vaccine.



You might know that we strongly recommend the HPV vaccine for both boys and girls. But you might not know a lot about HPV, or the conditions and cancers (!) it causes. This CDC page provides lots of great information. And a pretty clear view of why we think it’s so important.