Links Between Cancer and Early Life Exposures to Environmental Pollutants Featured

December 8 2016 12:15 PM

While pediatric cancer is still a rare disease, the rate of new cancers has increased nearly 30% since 1975. A growing body of research links pediatric cancers to environmental exposures in utero and in childhood. Recent science also points to a role for early life exposures in priming the body for developing cancer in adulthood. In this webinar, presenters will review the state of the science on the contribution of environmental exposures in early life to cancer, and reflect on its implications for clinical practice and engagement of health professionals in policy change. A special focus of the webinar will be on air pollution. A description of exposures from mobile and point sources in Southwest Pennsylvania will provide a case study in the challenges and opportunities for reducing exposures as industrial economies transition.

Presenters: Dr. Phil Landrigan, Dr. Jim Fabisiak, Dr. Richard Clapp
Moderator: Dr. Polly Hoppin

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